Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Well, actually they might.
I've been so consumed by the fantasy realm lately. Reading Clockwork Angel and playing Dragon Age II. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not trying to escape my new job. Pretend I'm a mercenary or a shape shifter and poof. No more boring job, no more bills. 
Either way, I'm enjoying myself. I really need to get back into my writing. I WILL finish my movie script someday. My character is inside me, she just needs to find her way out.
Hm. So, now that Doctor Who is taking a little break from filming for a while, I figure I'll continue with my studies into the old series. It's not my fault I wasn't born in time to see all of it the first time around, but I will not let myself remain ignorant to the origins of my favorite show on television. Reading synopses on the TARDIS wiki is not good enough for me. Despite the fact that I plan on writing my capstone on the show in the upcoming penultimate and ultimate semesters of my college years.
Upon that front, I cannot express my desire to leave my current line of work to become a librarian. Books are my passion and I feel that I would be so much happier helping people gain information for free than accepting their money for senseless possessions.
-steps off soap box-
I like blogging. It makes me feel better about myself, my situation. Just letting it out through the internet.


  1. Thanks so much. Sometimes it's all so overwhelming I guess. :3