Saturday, February 6, 2010

Colors of the Rainbow

Gloria's shoes arrived in the local post office today! Super excited. Black shoes with red laces, pink shoes with white laces and Jack Skellington shoes should be part of our collection by Monday. Hooray. :3 Soooooo I'm currently contemplating taking her with me to town. I wish my carrier was here already. I travel so much and I feel guilty leaving her behind. It's not really me doing the shopping today, however, we're taking a friend to fix his guitar... High potential of being bored, low potential of needing my hands... I guess I'll bring my scarf to wrap her in just in case I need to put her in my backpack. -is waiting for iTunes software update to finish downloading something for my phone- Ugh! Why must you take so very long? -pokes iTunes- Anyhow, super excited about the shoes, now if the sweater and leggings and my carrying case would get here, things would be awesome. Gloria is going to love her welcome pressies. Alright -bounces off-
What a gorgeous day it is! Too bad it's so cold... :*(

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